Winery CRIVELLI ...

was born officially in 1986 even if family Crivelli always vinified his grapes.
The great-grandfather Secondo Crivelli settles in Castagnole Monferrato around 1860, coming from "frazione Serra Crivelli" of the near town Costiglione d'Asti.
He buys house and lands in Castagnole Monferrato and in particular the Vine Hill of "Montio'", which was and is the best (for quality reasons) of the entire area. The wine produced is purchased each year by a merchant from Val Locana.
The period between the two world wars was a favorable time for the Company's development: wine always got sold out and quality was very appreciated. During that time the Winery had 2 Ha of property Land and other vineyards cultivated at "metayage")
After the second world war and the untimely death of the grandfather Emilio the Winery give their grapes to the newborn "Cantina Sociale".
In 1979 Marco decides to consolidate the production estate, leaving definitively the "Cantina Sociale", expanding the Company to a total vine surface of 8 Ha; buying also the famous "Montio' Hill".
By 1990 it is now time to jump into the European and American markets, which during the next years become more concrete and consolidate further. In the year 2000 Marco builds the new and bigger cellar together with the new house. He takes care about the new project with his son Jonathan with the enthusiasm and pleasure to do better.
During his growth, the son Jonathan starts following the father in this challenge and today he takes care of the Vineyard and of the Wine-making, while Marco is more focused on marketing and sales.
Today the WEB and our professional staff allow us to fully cover the world market.
Three are the wines mainly produced and they are the "autoctonous" which are original of our zones.