The wines produced are mainly three and they are autochthonous (indigenous) wines typical of this area.

RUCHE' DI CASTAGNOLE MONFERRATO DOCG, Core product of our area, named 2the Prince of Monferrato", is cultivated only in 7 little villages: Grana, Montemagno, Portacomaro,Refrancore, Scurzolengo Viarigi and Castagnole Monferrato, giving the appellation to the wine.


Barbera d'Asti docg
importatn wine, this variety is cultivated in many municipalities of Asti and Alessandria.


Grignolino d'Asti doc
typical wine of the left shore of river Tanaro. Its colour is ruby red, reminding rose wines, in fact it is called the redder of the whites or the whiter of the reds.



Moreover recently we started growing some plants of Shiraz. During the harvest we assembled Ruchè and shiraz grapes, obtaining a wine called Agoghè.
Appellation is Monferrato Rosso doc: it is a full bodied wine with pleasant notes.
We don't put in bottle every vintage: only the excellent ones.