"If someone in Castagnole Monferrato offers to you a Ruchè, it's because he cares of you". This is the catch-phrase wellcoming the Visitor entering our small Village.
And actually it sums up the way to do of Castagnolesi people: honest, hardworkers but of few words, they use to offer their most precious product to express their hospitality. Since it exists, Ruchè has always been the wine for special occasions, to be offered to people we love.
Nowadays the same phenomenon is reflecting also on national and international market: Ruchè is a niche wine. Total production is 500.000 botlles and every producer takes care of it as the most precious jewel, enhancing features and capabilities.
Discovered about 25 years ago, the Ruchè origins are still uncertain, and someone calls it the wine of the mistery (some think it comes from San Rocco, votive chapel, which was dedicated to the saint, others from "Convents of the Rocks", others from "Roncet", a disease that during the past times affected the 'vineyards in our area), but the fact is that the Ruchè of Castagnole Monferrato is unique.
A confiormation of this is the research conducted in 2009 about the DNA of Ruchè of Castagnole Monferrato, which ended in 2009 and has shown that the characteristics of the grape have no resemblance to any neighboring vine got to sample.
The intriguing scents (among which the leaf of geranium) and the refined taste build the base conditions to define it the Red Prince of Monferrato.


It's a Village located in the basso Monferrato, about1000 ihabitants. Castagnole is 240 on sea level, 100 km from Milano, 100 km from Genova and 60 from Torino. Characterized by a white tuffy soil, which was particulary suitable for the cultivation of Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato. Today the name of the little Village is unequivocally associated to the Vine and Wine.
DOC including Castagnole Monferrato and other 6 Villages has been obtained in 1987. The produced "carried out the battle" and thanks above all to Marco Crivelli, at that time president of Consorzio dei Vini del Ruchè, obtained the DOCG in 2010, remaining one of the new interesting docg of Italy.
Thanks to the vine cultivation and wine processing, the small Village has increased economic development and consequently some interesting collateral businesses were born, such as accommodation with different facilities and special restaurants.


The Monferrato, a hilly and mountainous land, border between Piedmont and Liguria, was crossed by history and every building and site is its testimony. The area borders the more 'known Langa zone, but the fact that Monferrato is less known, makes it more interesting for the curious visitor,reserving for him many surprises.
This land offers to the visitor a wide range of typical products, from the most famous wines to little specialties to be discovered, a variety of different landscapes that fascinate nature lovers, the highest concentration of castles and other historic buildings, a friendly and peaceful place for a holiday or a short stay, many alternative events of culture, folklore, gastronomy, and music.